This is a digital exhibition page of pictures taken by me, Göran Lenz. The focus has changed through the years and birds have become my main area. But it started with photographing athletics to the annual book Friidrott.
The page, which stand for athletics photo bank, start in 2005 primarily as a service for my picture customer. The name is still the same even if I rarely photograph athletics anymore.
Birds and nature
During a vacation 2008 in the north part of Sweden and Norway the birds caught my attention for the first time. Since then, my interest has gradually grown. In the beginning it was fully focused on photographing. The curiosity to know what species it is on the photos also made me became a birdwatcher as well. 
In 1993 I started writing an annual book about athletics. I needed pictures for that and cover as much as possible on my own. The quality got better and after some year and the photographing became an important part of the company. The last book was released 2007 and for two more years I continued going to athletics meeting. 
My experience of sport photo brought me back to my old field when our local football team, Torns IF, have made an astonishing journey in the Swedish Serie system. I covered many of their matches during 2017 - 2022.
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