Since I started photographing birds the wish to learn more about them has grown along the way. I like to keep track of which bird species I have photographed and ticking birds has become one part of my birdwatching. I think the major reason why I like bird is that there are so many approaches of birding like learning to identify species, try to get good photos, understand the bird behaviour, and much more.  
Bird Lists (taxonomi)
World 1281 (IOC)
Europe 446 (IOC)
Sweden 380 (Club300)
Skåne 348 (Club300)
Latest new species in Sweden
380. Purple Heron, Herculesdammarna 3 June 2023
379. Baltimore Oriole, Förslöv 15 December 2022
378. Blue-winged Teal, Lunds reningsverk 12 December 2022
377. Radde's Warbler, Stenåsa 2 October 2022
376. European Roller, Uddevalla 19 August 2022​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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